We take an easy-to-implement recipe or take a walk in nature and create a photo gallery and, if you are interested, a script for an explainer video.

The goal: to dare to take the first few steps, even if you are not that courageous.

We create recipes with photos and, if needed, look for solutions that would allow you to create a video without needing to be on camera. What kind of concept or strategy would make this possible alongside your everyday working life?

Focal areas: health, nutrition, fitness

  • Copywriting:
    Creating recipes independently
    Describing, utilising and integrating images
  • For advanced users:
    Creating video scripts

Possible issues and use cases:

  • Explainer and animated videos
    – Powtoon
    – Using music and integrating it into the videos. Which questions
    should you ask yourself?
  • Blogging, websites
    – What does that entail?
  • Exchanging knowledge with interested and experienced participants.


  • Security
  • Legal Queries
  • Various Types of Text
  • Current Issues
  • Risks
  • Strategies

Languages: German & English