Our concept:

Budget-friendly IT partner solutions with data storage in Switzerland

Keywords: flexible office hours and working models, cyber security, minimisation of risks, tried and tested solutions, compatibility and convenience, experts on demand.

Could you save time savings by reducing your office presence?

The option to work from home was a blessing during the pandemic. Even if you do not do so daily, flexible work – whether on the go or from home – is the future. Therefore, joint hybrid servicing environments – can – a combination of various work be viewed as an opportunity. There are a range of factors to take into account here.

Communities increase cyber security, reliability and capability.

Having reliable partners is essential. We want to let you know that we have had targeted solutions subject to Swiss law for two years. A telephony service, Internet, firewalls and Microsoft Office are available throughout Switzerland. These are also mutually compatible and serviced in a standardised way. Joint services offer the chance to work in a purpose-oriented community while staying current with the latest developments and accessing outside support regarding security and compatibility. In the background, specialists monitor developments, patch and inform appropriately. In addition, our partners can help you quickly through remote access or in person in case of a fault.

Minimise risks with joint services.

Cybercrime continues to be underestimated. Nevertheless, inconspicuous links and ostensibly harmless image data harbour threats. Websites are taken offline because they get inundated with traffic and bots.

Such risks are minimised as we work with Cloudflare’s cyber security service, which can offer greater computing power than Google. Different teams can block various actual and potential threats with just one click. Firewalls and AI (artificial intelligence) effectively protect their web projects. From inexpensive initial solutions to high-quality enterprise ones, we offer advice and support with multiple options that can be implemented promptly.

Flexibility in the workplace, cost minimisation – less is more

Do you have a project that requires space, peace, quiet and infrastructure – to work on a thesis, for example? In that case, you might think about how to use your home office or office more advantageously. Flexible and versatile IT is critical to this. We have a central location in Zurich right next to the main station. Presentations, meetings or more significant events are easily possible. We use a flexible VTX telephony system and a 5G internet and cloud solution for high demands at a reasonable price. We can work and realise projects promptly throughout Switzerland. We are location-independent but have a fixed location in Mels SG with the fastest internet in Switzerland.

Compatibility, convenience and capability owing to cost-effective synergies

Are you working on a project but need access to suitable software? Have you found that the relevant software subscriptions are, at times, too costly? We work with the most up-to-date, proven technology. Moreover, we have access to professional software solutions (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and possess the expertise required to analyse individual projects on a case-by-case basis. Concept-related expert knowledge (EN/DE). Network with 3D animation. Translators. Video, sound and soundtrack artists. Professional photo solutions, platforms, and high-quality hosting solutions with German-language support and consultation (even after business hours).

Having a team of experts available on demand improves decision-making power.

Many costs arise in the course of everyday life. The monthly budget can be spent in a flash, from accommodation and transport to fitness. For this reason, we have developed a flexible overall concept that is compatible throughout the country and offers joint hybrid services. With this concept, monthly costs for using offices, meeting and presentation rooms, as well as Internet and security, become manageable. Once the idea is in place, ongoing costs can be accurately calculated. When used in a favourable, well-coordinated way, a “win-win situation” is the result. Users can concentrate on their core business and discover new synergies during collaboration.

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