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Insurance matters, damage events and tolerable risks are some reasons why carsharing is primarily offered by garages and specialised companies.

We offer small-scale carsharing, which provides a little more flexibility and freedom. We are motivated by environmental awareness and relationship management, as well as the desire to utilise resources in an advantageous manner and cultivate contacts. Mindfulness is also relevant in this context. With carsharing, unnecessary journeys can be avoided on a more consistent basis. It offers flexibility when on the go and faced with unforeseen urgent matters such as seminars, unexpected business meetings, bad weather, etc. – and it is straightforward, fast and cost-effective.

The VW TSI has a resource-conserving engine and is fuel-efficient. It is suited to the transport of everyday goods and business travel.

Particularly in times of global crisis in which infrastructure is placed under strain due to increasing population density, many risks can be minimised with a personal vehicle – provided that you are responsible and focused when on the move. This is an important factor that is vital for us when deciding which users may be granted access to our business car. Whenever possible, we wish to enter into longer-term carsharing contracts with trustworthy interested parties who are to some degree familiar with our professional field.

In the event of unforeseen changes to the living or work situation of the contracting parties, contract deadlines can be simply adjusted.

Our carsharing contract is first and foremost designed to promote planning flexibility and the security of all involved.

Terms of contract

  • Swiss driving licence
  • Smoking in the car and the transportation of animals is not permitted.

Longer journeys, excursions and business trips lasting more than a week are only possible with prior approval

  • Fixed time slots and personalised planning are possible
  • The basis for negotiation is active participation
  • The terms of contract must be adhered to.

The minimum contract duration is three months

  • The locations included are Mels and Flums (flexible pickup and return)
  • Cleaning and maintenance are carried out by the owner
  • The vehicle must always be properly parked in Flums for the next driver and should be refuelled
  • Users require proof of all the necessary insurance certificates (liability insurance, accident insurance, etc.)
  • Claims are settled and resolved via the insurance company of the person at fault. Repairs are carried out in a trusted garage
  • The car is used by employees and partners of Schatzmann Coaching & Beratungen
  • No profit motive. The objectives are environmental awareness and an appropriate allocation of costs via advantageous resource utilisation. Contractual partners will be reimbursed annually for any surpluses