Jobs for Individuals with an Interest in IT, ICT, Statistics, Finance & Mathematics

We recognize the need for more part-time jobs with trusted credentials. As such, we offer positions that comply with ethical standards.

Our jobs offer you the opportunity to learn and evolve, and in doing so, help to form the next generation of entrepreneurs.

  • We value responsibility, trust, and appropriate behaviour, even in challenging situations.
  • We never stop learning and adapting to new situations.
  • We are «thought leaders».
  • We encourage people to use our infrastructure and are not opposed to those working with us having a side business or freelance work. On the contrary – we support them in every possible way, so that they have a real chance of succeeding.
  • We pay 10% more than the minimum wage and cover all relevant social insurances, as well as accident insurance.
  • Our opportunities are compliant with Swiss law.
  • For now, we are not always able to offer steady positions. It may be possible in 10-25% of cases. We can offer monthly or quarterly contracts.
  • We offer infrastructure and accommodation if needed.
  • Our office is located in a vibrant vacation destination. We provide allowances and engage in social, health, and sports activities.
  • We focus on health-related topics, especially nutrition, on our blogs.
  • What you have studied is not that important. The key is a willingness to utilize your talents and get engaged in new activities.
  • We cannot offer payment for every minute worked, particularly in the initial period. That said, the salary or turnover can rise quickly.
  • We have a proven track record. Some of the individuals who have worked with us are now top earners in their field.
  • We have a vast network of contacts in Switzerland and worldwide.

We are keener to work with budding entrepreneurs or people who would like to try out freelancing than individuals who only want to work regular hours.

Creative people such as designers, WordPress enthusiasts, ICT/IT students, writers, and economics students with an active interest in digital topics are generally a better fit for our organization, but others are welcome to apply. We are open to working with people in every field of expertise.