Zürich & St. Gallen

  • Infrastructure that facilitates collaboration
  • Access to quality support and experts
  • The latest technology enables efficiency gains
  • Opportunities to have refreshing breaks (wellbeing options during lunch breaks, for example)

Facilities available:

  • Conference room
  • Readily available presentation room

Additionally, conference buildings and various rooms for events are on site. Furthermore, a bar and a large, modern kitchen are available on request.


  • We provide a telephone system
  • Covid-19 safety measures are maintained to a high standard
  • There are free parking spaces outside the building that are available for two-hour intervals

The office spaces are in Zürich, and meeting spots are in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen.

IT arrangements:

IT arrangements can be more advantageous if you want longer-term contracts or solutions.

Keywords: banking-compliant cloud; shielded computers and media storage; accounting and tax-related tools; hosting; professional video tools, website tools and managed server space.

You can find more information under the tab «IT services».