Shared Office – Local Recreation Area

  • Infrastructure that facilitates collaboration
  • Access to quality support and experts
  • The latest technology enables efficiency gains
  • Opportunities to have refreshing breaks (wellbeing options during lunch breaks, for example)
  • The office can be used a maximum of three days per week 
  • The minimum contact period is three months

Facilities available:

  • Conference room
  • Bathroom and WC
  • Readily available presentation room

Additionally, conference buildings and various rooms for events are on site. Furthermore, a bar and a large, modern kitchen are available on request.


  • We provide a telephone system
  • The office has temperature regulation options and is ionised
  • Covid-19 safety measures are maintained to a high standard
  • We have special equipment for cleaning our office, and you can select cleaning times according to your needs. (Every Thursday, someone is present to address any queries regarding cleaning the office and the nearby bathroom.)
  • Overnight accommodation is available on request
  • The facilities include an underground car park, which other businesses also use
  • There are free parking spaces outside the building that are available for two-hour intervals
  • Low-cost parking spaces surround the building

The office spaces are in Zürich and Mels in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen.

IT arrangements:

If you are interested in longer-term contracts or solutions, IT arrangements can be made more advantageous.

Keywords: banking-compliant cloud; shielded computers and media storage; accounting and tax-related tools; hosting; professional video tools, website tools and managed server space.

You can find more information under the tab «IT services».