Philanthropic Efforts (Ethical & High Standards)

We believe that it is always a good time to give back to society and that our knowledge of fields such as business, consulting, and IT & ICT may prove valuable for students. For this reason, we have committed to helping 3-5 students per year to get back on track, giving them the tools needed to survive in today’s world, regardless of their background.

  • We have long-standing partnerships in Switzerland and worldwide. Our primary areas of expertise include business, consulting, and IT & ICT, but we are open to exploring other fields.
  • This opportunity is open to a maximum of 5 students per year. Those who submit the best proposals will win.
  • Accommodation costs are low, and students will have the opportunity to earn their own money while learning. They will also have access to the best courses on offer in the canton, with options suited to all levels.
  • Students will also get the chance to receive timely feedback from us.
  • Additionally, students will have full access to our infrastructure and get support with their unique business idea.

Students must have an intermediate level in English and German. A certain degree of mathematical understanding is also required.

Previous work experience is a must, as is a certain proficiency with digital devices, and you should take a fundamental interest in the topics handled.

This opportunity is not for individuals who wish to work regular hours. We are looking for individuals who bring passion, interest and an eagerness to learn.