Tax consultancy and planning for legal entities and natural persons

  • Individual evaluations and deliberation with clients can facilitate financial benefits
  • Contributing to a more secure future by taking into account personal, financial and legal decision-making criteria
  • Informed selection of alternative scenarios and comparison of practice-oriented potential solutions

Preparation of tax returns, tax allocations and applications for tax refunds

  • Reducing the tax burden by making full use of the legally permissible structural framework
  • Monitoring and consulting in the case of anomalous tax assessments from the fiscal authorities
  • Discharge of the duty to state reasons to banks and the tax authorities
  • Representation in dealings with the tax authorities
  • Preparing objections and taking legal recourse
  • Tax consultancy during company formations, changes of corporate form and the preparation of annual financial statements
  • Forwarding on queries to external experts when the case or strategy calls for this