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Reto Schatzmann
Founder & Managing Director
Gründer & Geschäftsführer 

Every detail counts. I take daily strategic steps geared to make a positive difference to all stakeholders. Information tailored to the right person at the right time is vital.

- Timely knowledge development
- Long-standing network
- Coaching, project management

Core Competencies:
Listening - making or initiating decisions

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Gerlinde Lühl
Editorial Office 

My legal education, international career experience and personal traits have honed my observant, focused and dependable skills. 

I have gained translation, proofreading and editing experience in corporate and academic fields. I do know how important a well-written text is for achieving success. 

It is vital to me to be a good team player and provide my colleagues with valuable input when assessing and working on textual projects.  

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Hugo Schwing
Translator & Copywriter
Übersetzer & Werbetexter

As a certified translator, I can advise you on English, French and German translations. Having worked as a copywriter for several years, I will be able to give you good feedback on your sales texts. 

I will work on your persuasion model and improve the syntax and grammar of your text to make it more authentic to the language you use. 

I am familiar with the vocabulary used in economics, law and health and can correct or improve your texts. 

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Fausto Bafico
Translator & Consultant
Übersetzer & Berater

My passion for marketing and languages led me to pursue a translation and digital marketing career. 

Over the last ten years, I have been working with clients, companies and agencies from around the globe and helping them to create and localise great content, build an audience and achieve success both off- and online. 

I was born and raised in Italy, my activity is based in France, and I speak fluent Russian and English.  

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Mariah Dapito 
Research & Video Editing
Recherche & Video Aufbereitung

I am a passionate and goal-oriented public teacher with experience in content creation, editing, and research-related queries. 

I have been a general teacher for six years, new to this field but always willing to learn and ready to help in every way possible. 

I am smart, accountable, resourceful, and responsive. I can help you with communication, research, preparation of different topics or reviews, 

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