Sports & Exercise Groups (six 45-minute sessions are recommended)

This sports and exercise group will allow you to improve your cardiovascular fitness while exploring topics such as nutrition, mindfulness and cognitive function. The group focuses on practices learned and practised over 22 years.

All age groups and fitness levels are welcome. The group meets twice a week at varying times in the Flums and Mels area. You will also receive the opportunity to take part in special tours on occasion.

Cardio is a type of exercise that is best practised daily. There are, of course, plenty of ways to perform cardio. Examples of activities that group members can participate in include hiking, biking, jogging, basketball and tennis. 

In participating in the activities, we actively practice mindfulness and consider the positive effects of exercise on the brain. Adults of all ages can reap the benefits of improved cognitive function brought about by movement.

The key is to practice regularly, which the group enables you to do. We are trained and experienced in various exercise methods and practise them daily. While routines are valuable, we recognise the importance of implementing new practices from time to time. 

We also believe in the power of everyday actions: when you practice day in day out, small, incremental steps can pay dividends for your health.

We are always open to sharing ideas and learning from our fellow participants and colleagues. We are particularly keen for participants to play an active role in the group.

There is the possibility of one-on-one coaching sessions for interested participants, which may suit individuals who wish to find out which kind of group is best suited to their needs.

Only small groups are possible; the maximum number of participants is ten.