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  • Snap: US83304A1060
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  • Qualcomm: US7475251036
  • AMD: US0079031078
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  • Xilinx: US9839191015
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  • Moderna: US60770K1079
  • Vertex: US92532F1003
  • Regeneron: US75886F1075
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  • AstraZeneca: GB0009895292

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  • von Joanne Poh
    The government wants you to be more eco-friendly. Luckily, instead of decreeing that you’re stuck taking public transport forever in order to reduce carbon emissions, they’re giving out free money!… The post Climate Vouchers 2024: How to Claim Your $300 & What to Buy With Them appeared first on MoneySmart […]
  • von Vanessa Nah
    This May, we’re giving away Apple iPads (9th Gen), S$450 Lendlease E-Vouchers, up to 85,000 miles…and the list goes on. Clearly, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to credit card promotions these… The post Best Credit Card Promotions in Singapore (May – Jul 2024): Citibank, DBS, HSBC, UOB, and More appeared first […]
  • von Joanne Poh
    Picture this: You’re sipping a complimentary glass of champagne as you step into a luxurious suite with breathtaking views of an iconic city skyline. The concierge greets you by name,… The post Best Hotel Rewards and Loyalty Programmes That Work Around the World in 2024 appeared first on MoneySmart Blog.
  • von Vanessa Nah
    If you think that fixed deposits are only for conservative cash-rich aunties and uncles, think again. A fixed deposit (also known as a time deposit) account is a type of… The post Best Fixed Deposit Rates in Singapore (May 2024)—Rates Up To 3.75%, Minimum Deposits From $500 appeared first on […]
  • von Audrey Ng
    Let’s face it, Singapore isn’t exactly known for being cheap. With GST sitting at 9% and the cost of groceries, transport, and housing constantly rising, we need to be more… The post 5 Ways To Cut Back on Expenses in 2024 (Without Feeling the Pinch) appeared first on MoneySmart Blog.
  • von Chris M Skinner
    Ever since Trov, the real-time insurance firm, appeared on the scene, I’ve been wondering what else could real-time finance do. If you are not aware, Trōv allows you to insure a smartphone or laptop or anything else you value for hours, even minutes. The company no longer exists – it […]
  • von Chris M Skinner
    Trust and money and day-to-day life go hand-in-hand. It’s all about who you deal with, how and the outcomes. Recently, I’ve lost trust with Apple, my bank, my friend and my brother. That’s pretty sad, isn’t it? But who do I trust? David Bowie. David Bowie, RIP. Artist, music man, […]
  • von Chris M Skinner
    Things we’re reading today include … JPMorgan CEO issues stark warning about the US economy (msn.com) US brothers arrested for stealing $25m in crypto in just 12 seconds – BBC News Dutch fintech Adyen valued at up to $8.3 bln as investors seek shares (yahoo.com) Bank of America CEO: Why […]
  • von Chris M Skinner
    I’ve thought for years that we are moving towards perfect market knowledge, where demand and supply information becomes equal to all buyers and sellers. Now that we have OpenAI and Gemini, are we getting there? During the 1990s, I spent a lot of time discussing neural networking where we could […]
  • von Chris M Skinner
    Things we’re reading today include: Can banks really fix the climate crisis? (ft.com) The bankers’ new clothes: what’s wrong with banking and what to do about it (lse.ac.uk) US Banking Shake-Up: Could Half Of Banks Disappear? – Finimize bunq Makes its GenAI Assistant Finn Fully Conversational (ffnews.com) Younger generations lead […]

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  • von Christopher K. Merker, Ph.D., CFA
    Microsoft announces $3.3 billion investment in Wisconsin to spur artificial intelligence innovation and economic growth https://news.microsoft.com/2024/05/08/microsoft-announces-3-3-billion-investment-in-wisconsin-to-spur-artificial-intelligence-innovation-and-economic-growth Microsoft announced a broad investment package designed to strengthen the role of Southeast Wisconsin as a hub for AI-powered economic activity, innovation, and job creation. These investments include $3.3B in cloud computing and AI infrastructure, the creation of the … Continue reading "Microsoft invests in AI in Wisconsin and adds supplier climate requirement"
  • von Christopher K. Merker, Ph.D., CFA
    Marquette S-Lab Co-Director and Head of ESG Consulting at Pickering Energy Partners recently presented at the Marquette graduate level Sustainable Finance class. Romito walked the class through the most pressing questions on ESG regulation and its impact on the energy transition. https://marquette.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=cc058228-463e-45ab-ba23-b15c0108bbab
  • von Christopher K. Merker, Ph.D., CFA
    The Canadian province of Quebec has big plans of becoming the “battery of the U.S. northeast” by feeding power generated from its dams and other hydro plants to millions of people in Vermont, Massachusetts and New York state. But dry conditions that have affected energy output worldwide are forcing one of the world’s largest hydropower … Continue reading "Canada Had Designs on Being a Hydro Superpower. Now Its Rivers and Lakes Are Drying Up. (WSJ)"
  • von Christopher K. Merker, Ph.D., CFA
    https://www.wsj.com/us-news/climate-environment/cold-weather-businesses-suffer-in-the-winter-that-wasnt-a59ac42b?mod=djemclimate MINNEAPOLIS—On a 60-degree day here in early March, Derek Hughes and his son, Dylan, tried out their cross-country skis on artificial snow that had melted into a slushy mess. “It feels like the cross-country equivalent of water skiing,” said Hughes, 42 years old, as his 8-year-old son—skiing for only the third time all winter—looked … Continue reading "Cold Weather Businesses Suffer in the Winter That Wasn’t (WSJ)"
  • von Christopher K. Merker, Ph.D., CFA
    https://www.wsj.com/business/energy-oil/hes-a-renewable-power-billionaire-not-an-environmentalist-f7f4cbef?mod=djemclimate Michael Polsky is getting into fights all over the country. The Chicago billionaire, a Ukrainian immigrant who made his fortune through wind, solar and other renewable-energy projects, wants to build a lot more. And he also wants to build natural-gas-fired power plants. At every turn, he says, he faces opposition from either the left or … Continue reading "He’s a Renewable-Power Billionaire, Not an Environmentalist (WSJ)"